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New Article – Diet and Nutrition in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Living a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising is a good idea for everyone. We all know well the many benefits of a well balanced diet and exercise including reduced risk for many common diseases. As an RA patient, the unique set of circumstances in your body make watching what you eat and making healthy choices especially important. Although there is no diet plan that will cure RA, getting the right amount of nutrients and keeping your body strong will make you healthier overall and better equipped to fight off disease. (More)

What is coming in our Mini-workshop series “Living Well with RA”

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Those with Arthritis

March 25, 2009 at 6:00 pm in Carrie Hall – presented by Leslie H Worris, MPH and founder of The Wellness Alliance.

Ms. Worris, a highly trained wellness consultant and yoga therapist, turned to Yoga because of her own battle with chronic illness.  She will actively engage the audience in doing Yoga poses, many while seated in a chair, that release tension in muscles and calm the mind.  Her approach is to empower individuals and to find ways to realistically fit exercise/yoga, eating well and a balance of work and play into their lives.

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