BRASS Bookshelf

Arthritis Action Program: An Integrated Plan of Traditional and Complementary Therapies – Michael Weinblatt, M.D.

Arthritis Action bookPub.Date: Dec. 2001

Dr. Michael Weinblatt, one of the primary investigators of BRASS, offers a medical guide to rheumatoid arthritis, including background information about RA and an analysis of alternative therapies. He compares current medications and their risks and offers a physician’s perspective on managing the illness. This guide is a valuable reference and resource.


Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pub.Date: Jul 2014

Dr. Tammi L. Shlotzhauer describes new findings about causes and treatments, including: New research on risk factors and triggers, including pathologic bacteria in the digestive tract, smoking, and exposure to pollutants and chemicals; Lifestyle and diet modifications that can help avoid potential triggers; How stress contributes to inflammation and other symptoms; Information about new biologic disease-modifying drugs; Promising research on biomarkers that may generate a personalized approach to treatment; Remarkable gains in reducing disability, hospitalizations, and surgeries.



The First Year-Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed – M.E.A McNeal and Kevin Sack

First Years book imagePub.Date: Jan. 2006

Drawing on the knowledge she amassed about RA since her own diagnosis, Ms. McNeil has compiled this excellent manual for the newly-diagnosed. She details what to expect during the first year after diagnosis, including lifestyle and habit changes helpful to tackling RA. Ms. McNeil also addresses the emotional impact of RA and how to find support groups.


Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis – Miriam E. Nelson, Kristin Baker, Lawrence Lindner, Ronenn Roubenoff

Strong Women and MenPub.Date: March 2003

The authors of this book have developed a simple and practical plan that has been proven to help reduce the pain and immobility of arthritis. This book contains a home strength-training regime to reduce arthritis symptoms.