The PACO (Patient-Centered Outcomes) Initiative is an innovative study designed to incorporate patient perspectives into RA disease management. Currently in its second year, the study is focused on patient and physician education, collecting patient input through formation of a Patient Advisory Committee (PAC), and improvement of disease management and office visits through the use of new tools and applications of technology.


We had over 120 BRASS participants and guests join us on June 4th for a discussion about Rheumatoid Arthritis medications hosted by Dr. Nancy A. Shadick and Dr. Michael Weinblatt. The session covered both the newly approved biologics and the more established medications, including how your drugs work, what you should know about side effects and how to know whether your medication is right for you. At the close of the session, we asked participants to share their thoughts about the session as well as let us know suggestions for future discussions.


Dr. Nancy Shadick, Principal Investigator

Melanie Zibit, Project Manager

Jenny Heller, Senior Research Assistant

Joy Fαlk, Research Assistant

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