Survey – June 4, 2007 mini-workshop

Participant choices for future topics as well as comments about the workshop

Mini-Workshop on Rheumatoid Arthritis Medications

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Topics of greatest interest for future mini-workshops

Participants selected their preferences from a list of 16 topics.
Topics are listed in descending order of preference.

  1. Living well with RA. Tips from those with RA on how to get past pain and fatigue and live an active life.
  2. RA and associated diseases (including cardiovascular). How to manage the risk
  3. Is there a pattern to flares? Rheumatologists talk about how to identify potential triggers for flares and prevent them
  4. Are my children at risk? The genetics of RA and the risk to family members.
  5. RA and other chronic autoimmune disorders. Is RA related to lupus, type I diabetes, or other autoimmune diseases.

Pie Charts

Comments from participants

The overview and the opportunity to ask questions were so valuable. I learned from both.

There was high level of detail on all aspects of the disease. Much more detail than is available in a typical doctor’s visit.

It was very uplifting to be at this event and know you are part of a larger team working together.

First, the information content of the talk. Then, the opportunity to meet and talk with others. I would like such opportunities more often.

Loved it. Great info & talking with other people with RA.


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